How to Wear a Bralette with Yoga Leggings

With spring on its way, many yogis are beginning to look ahead to what the warmer weather is certain to bring. Fashion styles are changing, and it’s time to pull those warmer tank tops and t-shirts out of their winter storage. Along with these cooler clothing items, you may want to invest in one of the spring season’s hottest items – the bralette.

When paired with your favorite pair of yoga leggings, this simple item can be extremely chic and comfortable for a regular yoga practice. They come in a variety of styles to match every personality and preference that you could possibly imagine. How do you choose the right one?

Don’t get overwhelmed by the selection of bralettes available in today’s fashion market. We thought these simple guidelines about how to wear a bralette with your yoga leggings would help you to make the right choice.

Wear a bralette under an off-the-shoulder t-shirt.

Loose clothing pairs beautifully with a pair of spandex yoga leggings. A long tunic topic with flowing fabric tends to be a favorite for yogis who want to wear their yoga leggings around town. Fortunately, this trend works perfectly for those who also want to wear a bralette.

This spring, off-the-shoulder t-shirts are bound to be a prominent trend. Let a little bit of a lacy bralette shine in this outfit instead of displaying just a cold shoulder. You may even want to consider allowing the bralette to pop. Choose a t-shirt in a neutral color like beige or taupe, and purchase a bralette in a neon or bright pastel shade.

Deep scoop neck tank tops show off pretty designs.

Did you fall in love with a bralette that had plenty of patterns or fabulous fabric? It seems like a shame to cover up one of the prettiest parts of these dainty items. If you want everyone to see your bralette, a deep scoop neck tank top gives you the perfect opportunity to put your bralette on full display. You could also look for a see-through shirt that would allow others to see the design.

Pair it with a bomber jacket.

There’s nothing sexier than a bomber jacket for the upcoming spring season. With a pretty bralette underneath, your outfit will have a sense of playfulness while still looking polished and on point. A pair of high-waist Capri leggings may help to offset the cropped nature of a bralette if you feel a little self-conscious about exposing your stomach.

You may want to try finding a bomber jacket in a seasonal color like turquoise or coral. This allows your jacket to be the standout piece while your neutral bralette fades into the background a little bit.

Wearing a bralette this spring season is certain to give you a fashionable edge among your friends. A pair of full-length yoga leggings or high-waist capri leggings are certain to pair beautifully with this simple piece. Keep a few of these style tips in mind before you head out the door for your next yoga class.

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